The Dry River

A literary magazine about Los Angeles’ physical and cultural landscape by Crybaby Press.

Issue 3,

Fall 2023
The Dry River

7 poems
3 creative nonfiction
2 reported features
6 fiction
1 review

Editor’s Letter

Most of the time spent working on this issue has taken place in my Koreatown apartment. With thin walls and insufficient insulation, I’ve thought a lot about warmth, or more accurately, heat.

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Issue 2,

Spring 2023
The Dry River

13 poems
4 creative nonfiction
2 reported features
4 fiction
4 review

The Sprawl

If you follow the line of the hills with solely your eyes, you can see where the altitude of red rock crumbles to dirt and the colors of the sunset pile one atop another like water against a dam.

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Issue 1,

Fall 2022
The Dry River

5 poems
1 creative nonfiction
3 reported features
3 fiction
1 play
2 review

Fighting Fire With Fire

As the LGBTQ+ community faces more violence and reactionary politics become mainstream, many queer people are taking self defense training courses to learn how to defend themselves against hate.

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